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Cowboy G-Men is an American Western TV series originally airing from September 1952 to June 1953 there are a total of 39 episodes.
This Television Western show stars Russell Hayden and former child actor Jackie Coogan star as Pat Gallagher and Stoney Crockett as government agents operating in the American West. Television actor Phil Arnold portrayed Zerbo, a sometimes comic associate of Gallagher and Crockett. Cowboy G-Men was based on a story by Henry B. Donovan and featured the writing of such cowboy western fiction authors as Todhunter Ballard, Buckley Angell, William R. Cox, Henry B. Donovan, Orville H. Hampton, Monroe Manning and Michael Raison.

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Cowboy G Men Beware No Trespassing Westerns TV Show

Cowboy G Men Beware No Trespassing Westerns TV Show. Starring Russell Hayden and Jackie Coogan. Pat and Stoney head to Mexico to investigate trouble in an American tungsten mine. The Two lawmen find themselves fighting gunslingers, poisoned wells and a malaria epidemic. This is all a result of Pat and Stoney being sent to help …

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Ozark Gold

Ozark Gold gem of a western show to the internet. This is the very first episode of this wonderful public domain 1950s cowboy television series. Starring Russell Hayden as Pat Gallagher and Jackie Coogan as Stoney Crockett . Introduction by Bob Terry . The original airing date for this episode was September 13 of 1952 …

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Gypsy Traders Cowboy G Men western TV show episode

Gypsy Traders Cowboy G Men western TV show episode full length episode of Cowboy G Men online for free. There are 39 episodes of the 1950s western TV show . This is episode 24 of season 1 of the series . Original air date was February 28 of 1953 . This television series stars Russell …

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