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Tate western TV show episodes watch free online

Tate western TV show episodes watch free online



Western television series Starring David McLean. Tate is an American Western television series originally airing on NBC from June 8 until September 14, 1960. It was created by Harry Julian Fink, who wrote most of the scripts, and produced by Perry Como’s Roncom Video Films, Inc., as a summer replacement for The Perry Como Show. Richard Whorf guest starred once on the series and directed the majority of the episodes. Ida Lupino directed one segment. Tate roams the Old West as a bounty hunter-gunfighter for hire but is picky on who he will work for. This show was different because Tate had an arm he had lost use of during his fighting in the civil war. Wonderful guest stars include. Julie Adams, Chris Alcaide, Patricia Breslin, James Coburn, Robert Culp, Royal Dano, Ted de Corsia, Louise Fletcher, Peggy Ann Garner, Jock Gaynor, Martin Landau, Mort Mills, Warren Oates, Paul Richards, Bing Russell, Robert F. Simon, Vaughn Taylor, Warren Vanders, Peter Whitney, Don Wilbanks and Robert Redford. There are only 13 episodes of this western TV show. Watch Tate the western TV show free online.

Tate Before Sunup

Tate Before Sunup Directed by Richard Whorf. With David McLean, Jean Allison, Warren Oates, Morgan Shaan. A cold-blooded gang of outlaws seriously wound Otto, and then bet on long he’ll live. Tate guards the wounded man from Clay Sedon who wants to insure his bet.

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Tate Bounty Hunter

Tate Bounty Hunter Directed by Richard Whorf. With David McLean, Robert Warwick, Louise Fletcher, Robert Culp and a small quick part by Robert Redford. Tate is accused of a killing and a bounty hunter with low scruples is out to kill him and collect the reward!

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Tate Hometown

Tate Hometown Tate roams the Old West as a bounty hunter-gunfighter. True to the nature of most hired guns on television western series, Tate was discriminating as to whom he worked for and would change sides if he found himself misled by his employers. As a gunman, he is wickedly fast on the draw. Directed …

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Tate Stopover

Tate Stopover Directed by Ida Lupino. With David McLean, Peggy Ann Garner, William Tennant, Vaughn Taylor. Tate rides into town with the body of a wanted outlaw he’s just killed, and presents it to the sheriff to collect the bounty. The sheriff sends Tete to the saloon to wait while he fills out the paperwork …

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