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THE BIG VALLEY television show free is an American western television series which ran on ABC from September 15, 1965, to May 19, 1969. The show stars Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, Richard Long, Peter Breck, Linda Evans, and great guest stars. all on a wealthy nineteenth century California ranch. There are 112 episodes of Big Valley. Victoria’s horsewas named Misty Girl and Nick rode a horse named Coco. Dell Comics published a six issue comic book series based on the series from 1966 to 1969.
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  1. winnie croutch says:

    i love to watch all the old westenerns..

  2. Steven says:

    Dear Sir; I have just found your web site. It is hard to navagate.

    Here is what I see at this point.


    Please prove me wrong.

    New Bern, North Carolina

    • wildwesttoys says:

      Howdy Steve . HMMMMM .? I am not sure what you mean exactly BUT I will ponder what you have said here while I am doctoring horses , mending fences and feeding hay that is 3 times its normal price to my cattle . Too many 114 degree days this summer killed a lot of our grass !

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