Buster Crabbe Western movies

In some movies he is credited as “Larry Crabbe” or “Larry (Buster) Crabbe”. His sidekick in most of his westerns was actor Al St. John.



In 1939 Crabbe reunited with Betty Grable for a lead role in the mainstream comedy hit Million Dollar Legs. Crabbe is the only actor to play Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers – the top three syndicated comic strip heroes of the 1930s.

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Billy The Kid – Buster Crabbe – BLAZING FRONTIER

Billy The Kid – Buster Crabbe – BLAZING FRONTIER. Another Billy The Kid adventure with Buster and Fuzzy. This page did have another western movie at one time so some of the comments may be about it! Cattle Drive western movie. westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . …

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Billy The Kid Trapped western starring Buster Crabbe

Billy The Kid Trapped western starring Buster Crabbe This movie has a false copyright claim and should be back soon! From 1942 Stanton breaks Billy and his two friends Fuzzy and Jeff out of jail. He wants them free so three of his men can impersonate them for the robberies and murders he has planned. …

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