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Border Patrol western movie William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy & Robert Mitchum

Border Patrol western movie William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy & Robert Mitchum.
When three Texas Rangers try to investigate kidnapped Mexicans being used as forced labor in the mines of Silver Bullet, they are framed for murder by the town’s corrupt sheriff.

William Boyd … ‘Hopalong’ Cassidy
Andy Clyde … ‘California’ Carlson
Jay Kirby … Johnny Travers
Russell Simpson … Mayor Orestes Krebs
Claudia Drake … Inez LaBarca
George Reeves … Don Enrique Perez
Duncan Renaldo … Mexican Border Patrol Commandant
Pierce Lyden … Henchman Loren, the Jailer
Robert Mitchum … Henchman Quinn (as Bob Mitchum)
Cliff Parkinson … Henchman Barton

This page had a wonderful western called Nevada Zane Grey western movie free. westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Bob Mitchum made some pretty good westerns . Here is the Zane Grey westerns Nevada. But the time was up for that one so we have this Hoppy Western now that Bob is in!

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