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Springtime In The Sierras – Roy Rogers – COLOR Western Movie FULL LENGTH

Springtime In The Sierras – Roy Rogers – COLOR Western Movie FULL LENGTH. ENJOY and Thanks for watching!

Roy Rogers and Trigger THATS RIGHT! FULL LENGTH AND IN THE ORIGINAL TRUCOLOR! Free movies, TV series show episodes and Webisodes to watch free online. Here is the Roy Rogers Springtime In The Sierras COLOR Western Movie. Presented by Movies Web TV and Westerns On The Web in its original TruColor format and full length and complete unlike the black and white versions cut down for television. Roy is out to stop poaching by a gang that is selling the meat illegally and out of season. This movie may seem to some to be against hunting but that is not the case! This movie states hunting is a right of Americans but poaching is stealing from the law abiding citizens. The head of the outlaw poachers is Jean Loring played by Stephanie Bachelor. She portrays one of the most evil Fem Fatale villians ever on screen! She is just mean! The Sons Of The Pioneers are at their best in this movie with some wonderful songs. Roy Rogers and Trigger are also at their best along with a great cast of others including Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, Harold Landon, Harry Cheshire, Roy Barcroft, Chester Conklin, Hank Patterson, Whitey Christy, Pascale Perry, Bob Nolan, Pat Brady, Tommy Coats, Frank Dae, Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, Shug Fisher, Augie Gomez, Milton Kibbee and Bob Woodward. Hosted by Bob Terry and Johnie Terry. Some Great action scenes and music. Enjoy!

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