Streets of Laredo from 1949 with William Holden

Watch Streets of Laredo from 1949 with William Holden

An outlaw separates from his two partners in robbery then they join the Texas Rangers, and he continues to rob and steal.
William Holden, Macdonald Carey and Mona Freeman WESTERN MOVIE. Loren ends up separated from his partners but continues his life of crime. Jim and Wahoo inadvertently aid some Texas Rangers and are sworn in as Rangers themselves. Loren sees an opportunity, steals a herd of cattle the Rangers are guarding then lets Jim and Wahoo enhance their reputation by being the ones who bring the cattle back.
William Holden as Jim Dawkins
Macdonald Carey as Loren Renning
Mona Freeman as Rannie Carter
William Bendix as Reuben “Wahoo” Jones
Stanley Ridges as Major Bailey
Alfonso Bedoya as Charley Calico
Ray Teal as Cantrell
Clem Bevans as Pop Lint
James Bell as Ike
Dick Foote as Texas Ranger Pipes
Joe Dominguez as Texas Ranger Francisco
Grandon Rhodes as Phil Jessup
Perry Ivins as Mayor Towson
Hank Bell as a Texas Ranger

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