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Hell Bent for Leather – western movie – starring Audie Murphy and Felicia Farr

Hell Bent for Leather – western movie – starring Audie Murphy and Felicia Farr.

Audie is mistaken for a wanted outlaw by some towns people and a crooked deputy sheriff goes along. From 1960.
Audie Murphy as Clay
Felicia Farr as Janet
Stephen McNally as Deckett
Robert Middleton as Ambrose
James Westmoreland as Moon
Jan Merlin as Travers
Herbert Rudley as Perrick
Malcolm Atterbury as Gamble
Joseph Ruskin as Shad
Allan Lane as Kelsey
John Qualen as Old Ben
Bob Steele as Jared

This page used to have The Paleface Bob Hope, Jane Russell so some of the comments may be about that wonderful comedy western movie.
Calamity Jane is despatched to find out who’s smuggling rifles to the Indians, and winds up married to a hapless correspondence school dentist as part of her cover.
Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Writers: Edmund L. Hartmann (original screenplay), Frank Tashlin (original screenplay)
Stars: Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Robert Armstrong

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  1. bmccoy says:

    wildwesttoys, I think the problem people are seeing is not the browser they are using it is something else. I think the problem is the movie is recorded when it was made in Cinemascope, I have some video tapes that are the same way and have seen movies on TV that are the same half screen.

    A Cinemascope screen is much wider than it is tall so when the movies are show on a regular screen they will show only in the center of the screen or will not be adjusted to fit the screen and horses and men and women an buildings will seem much taller and thin. On a TV network showing a Cinemascope movie sometime at the start of the movie it will state “This program was adjusted to fit the screen” and it will appear normal sometime I think they adjust the film to only show part of the tape so they can make is fit top and bottom. They just block off the sides of the tape of things that aren’t important to the movie. Just my ideal you can check it out.

    But I enjoy watching them all so I make adjustments and take them anyway they come if they are a western to me I can adjust my way of thinking. Buck

  2. sixt says:

    Still only a small square….about half of the normal size screen

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