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Only the Valiant starring Gregory Peck

Only the Valiant starring Gregory Peck

The 5th Cavalry the invalid commanding officer orders Lance to assign an officer to command an escort to take Tucsos to a larger post. Capt. Richard Lance is unjustly held responsible, by his men and girlfriend, for an Indian massacre.
Gregory Peck as Captain Richard Lance
Barbara Payton as Cathy Eversham
Ward Bond as Corporal Timothy Gilchrist
Gig Young as Lieutenant Bill Holloway
Lon Chaney, Jr. as Trooper Kebussyan (“the Ay-rab”)
Neville Brand as Sergeant Ben Murdock
Jeff Corey as Joe Harmony
Warner Anderson as Trooper Rutledge
Steve Brodie as Trooper Onstot
Dan Riss as Lieutenant Jerry Winters
Terry Kilburn as Trooper Saxton
Herbert Heyes as Colonel Drumm
Art Baker as Captain Jennings
Michael Ansara as Tucsos
Nana Bryant as Mrs. Drumm
David Clarke as guardhouse sentry
John Doucette as sergeant


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  1. slickrock steve

    This has been terminated due to infringement of copyright

    1. Western Movies Online

      Thanks . Fixed

  2. Cass

    Terrific story line. Wonderful character acting by all concerned. In particular, Ward Bond. He belonged in the old West!!

  3. jessie

    What a great movie! I like the way Gregory Peck is so enigmatic. You can’t figure him until almost the end of the movie. Really great plot!

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